"Non mi fido delle persone che ridono poco. Hanno l'anima corrotta, o ferita."

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Nicola Pesaresi Performer

Ventriloquo -  Fantasista 

Content creator 

c/o Coop Artisti Zenart 



Nicola Pesaresi 

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Nicola Pesaresi Performer

Ventriloquo -  Fantasista 

Content creator 

c/o Coop Artisti Zenart 

Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG) 




Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG) 





Nicola Pesaresi 


Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG) 




isotta entertainment

For copyright reasons only a few of the videos of the Ventriloquist Nicola Pesaresi are available on Youtube. However, on the Instagrm link or on Facebook you can find more or less everything!


Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG) 





Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG) 





A Ventriloquist at LA7 - production Colorado 

J-Ax , a famous rapper, VS  the ventriloquist at minut n° 10

Nicola Pesaresi Ventriloquist

in Tu Si Que Vales


i Soliti Ignoti - RAI 1

"one of the mostly appreciated performances"


The Ventriloquist in the theater is not an everyday thing. Few artists manage to go beyond the "cabaret" performance and fill theaters. Nicola Pesaresi comes from a theatrical training, and in this environment he finds himself particularly at ease, so much so that he has developed shows specifically for the theater. 

L'Evoluzione (+ o -) is a show projected and written for theater

Safari Show, an extract in theater

Safari Show, the extract used for the talent show " Tu si Que Vales."


The Ventriloquist's show in improvised locations. Because what really matters is the audience, and what you give them. 


To bring the puppets in the street. The ventriloquist meets the audience for a magic show

One of the first shows of the Ventriloquist, it was already clear how well this form of theater worked

The ventriloquist's show in improvised and ad hoc contexts to create magic.


The Ventriloquist creates the magic, the illusion that the puppet has a life of its own. But what happens at home? That is, away from the theater, away from the show. Here is the ordinary life of the Ventriloquist and his puppets.


The art of ventriloquism is a game of techniques aimed at wonder. Here a union between Ventriloquist with puppet and Ventriloquist without puppets.

Il Ventriloquist and the monkey in a unusual english lesson...

The ventriloquist and the Monkey in a tecnology


The Ventriloquist and the art of creating wonder also through word games, the aim is to make a show

Getting the puppets to agree on their roles is one of the difficulties of the Ventriloquist who works with multiple puppets. Even at the same time.

A good ventriloquist can take jokes, sketch them, and make the joke forget.. 

Misunderstandings, puns, in the live show as in the ventriloquist's videos

Adapting popular stories and jokes to the performance is an act of great mastery, if you let the source be forgotten ...

Word games that are not limited to the Italian language, the ventriloquist plays, and the game leads him to win always and in any case. 

There are things in the relationship between ventriloquist and puppet that artists will never understand :) 

In the life of a ventriloquist, technology plays contrasting roles ...

One of the funny videos that have school as their theme. Isolde at school. To the desperation of any Ventriloquist

When logic and reality collide, and a Ventriloquist must surrender to the puppet

The ventriloquist show is also a balance of relationships. Not always positive

The ventriloquist in a kind of short film ... When it was not possible to make a show


I have always been passionate about video communication, believing that moving images were the perfect tool to involve and convey messages, information, as well as to entertain. It seems that in this fast-paced world, history is somehow proving me right. When I started to be a ventriloquist, about 10 years ago, in Italy there was very little material on ventriloquy, comic videos as many as you wanted, but there were very few puppet videos in Italian, not to mention the didactics on ventriloquy that it was almost absent (apart from a couple of Dante Cigarini Ventriloquist Videos). Given my background as a Videomaker (well I did that too ...) I always had technical material available, even when it was not as simple as today to produce quality videos. I then opened Youtube in some way to Ventriloquia in Italy, then all the others followed suit, seeing that the answer is there. Now I continue to produce videos on Youtube, both for entertainment and education and general information, but also on Instagram where I do Ventriloquist numbers for reels, and clearly TikTok where I am the most followed Ventriloquist in Italy with about three hundred thousand followers and over 4 millions of likes!


How to do the Ventriloquist? how do you choose the puppets? and what is a typical day for a Ventriloquist like?

A ventriloquist 1000 puppets ... a tour among the puppets that the Ventriloquist uses for show and more

The show of the ventriloquist and the world of the Clown, a perfect combination in which Nicola Pesaresi feels particularly at ease.

A Vlog, a day with the Ventriloquist. Returning to show after the first wave of the Corona Virus.

A Vlog in the Ventriloquist's laboratory house, where ideas for the show are born

A number of magic that is very successful in the show, designed for ventriloquists

One of the most successful videos takes you into the magical world of the Ventriloquist.

Those who are jealous of their art do not love it enough. The Ventriloquist, how to do it, a particularly clear video tutorial.

Playing with the voice, the work of the ventriloquist meets games of extreme technique aimed at the construction of the show

A Vlog, a special meeting for Isotta and the Ventriloquist.


Educate, entertain, inform; the Ventriloquist Nicola Pesaresi is also a "content Creator", a digital creative but also the author of many stories.

Video in collaboration with the Municipality of Foligno and ConfCommercio for the Christmas project.

Business Collaboration - Telling a reality with irony to overcome the fear of the dentist.

The Ventriloquist suggests an Amazon puppet and explains how to modify it to make it optimal.