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Nicola Pesaresi Performer

Ventriloquo -  Fantasista 

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Nicola Pesaresi 

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Nicola Pesaresi Performer

Ventriloquo -  Fantasista 

Content creator 

c/o Coop Artisti Zenart 

Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG)



Nicola Pesaresi The Italian Ventriloquist

Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG)



What's a ventriloquist?


Nicola Pesaresi 

Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG)



What is a Ventriloquist?
Not just a magician, not an illusionist, but an actor of the word, who from his world of voices and figures is able to build suggestions and enchantments, always poised between the real and the possible.
(N. Pesaresi)

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Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG)




Let's dispel a cliché:



Everyone can learn to be ventriloquists, there is no malformation either
peculiarities in his organism.

You do not realize that you are ventriloquists, at most you can realize the
the fact that you speak for yourself. But that's another story.
Anyone Can Become Ventriloquist - Potentially we all have
tools - few will - is a complex art full of contingent aspects
that must be learned.
Very few will be able to put on a ventriloquy show - it proves it to you
the fact that we are very few. Especially in Italy.







So ... who is the ventriloquist?

He is a performer who is able to speak with his mouth half closed, giving the impression
(magical effect, but on this I have written other considerations and if you want I invite you to read)
that the rumor comes from elsewhere; that he is a puppet, an object.

Is the Ventriloquist a show for children?

This is one of the things that pisses me off the most. Why is it that if something children like is automatically STAMPED as for children? The answer is NO, the Ventriloquist is not a show for children, not categorically. Ventriloquy is an art, a tool. The show that the performer produces by taking advantage of these techniques is quite another thing. In general, if the Ventriloquist works with puppets, the show is easy for children to like and that in terms of visual impact it can be strong with children. But that doesn't really mean anything. Because in the construction of the show the Ventriloquist can give the puppet any connotation, characteristic. Even any kind of language, and arguments. There are Ventriloquists around the world who make a puppet show using only adult texts. However, it is easy for children to like this too because they are fascinated by other things (and here the many interpretations I am talking about in my book and not only) but the show in that case is FOR ADULTS. Without Ifs and Buts. To label the ventriloquist's show as for Children is a mistake. It is a form of entertainment that easily lends itself, thanks to the tools it can use, to the entertainment of children, but can just as easily be used to involve an adult audience. Notwithstanding, that given the transversality of the discipline, many performers use ventriloquy precisely for the construction of shows suitable for children and adults, without too many distinctions (it's my favorite thing too) or labels that are uncomfortable, harmful, and culturally different. low level.

The Ventriloquist does not speak with his mouth closed.

Hardly ever. I would say half closed. To ventriloquism of having the possibility to let out the sound somehow. The ventriloquist processes all sounds inside, with slightly different resonators, and reproduces them in the most likely way possible.

"To be a ventriloquist, you must have a talent".

To do anything. Not just to be a ventriloquist. And you have it. Then to understand if what you are, what you have, and what you want is really to live on show. Earning money by showing is not easy in general, the ventriloquy show is no different in this one.
However, you can be a ventriloquist not only to show, but simply to have fun, to entertain, out of curiosity.

If you can sing, it's easier to be a ventriloquist

I think so ... for the awareness of vocal use. Basically it is about producing sounds. A good ventriloquist is often able to sing

When do you know that a ventriloquist is good?

When he gets to what he wants to achieve (be it laughter, amazement, reflection, emotion) and he does it by building clean and clear sounds, with distinct and not annoying voices (my God the ventriloquist who works only in falsetto ... that annoyance!) The good ventriloquist manages to give the impression that the voice really comes from elsewhere and is not an "attempt".

How to be a ventriloquist?

To become a ventriloquist, one must study and experiment. There are several techniques for making sounds come out with the mouth half closed. There is not only one big trick, ventriloquy is a complex art with many facets. The Ventriloquist manages to "imitate" sounds and make them perfectly attuned to natural ones.

The ventriloquist and the lip letters.

B - F - M - P - V

I am the cross of the ventriloquist. These letters are normally produced with the use of the lips. However, the ventriloquist manages to produce them in a completely credible way using related sounds with an imperceptible sound difference.

The Ventriloquist does not replace these letters with others, but reasons by sound.

Once I have mastered the Ventriloquist technique?

Great, you did a great job. But if the technique is not supported by the ability to make a show, to entertain, the Ventriloquist cannot have a great success.


Being a Ventriloquist means using a particular technique to express oneself, but the show is not done with the technique alone. I always say: it's like having a Formula One Ferrari in the garage but not having a track, and not knowing how to drive.

If you wanted to learn how to be a Ventriloquist?

Unlike me, that when I started learning the art of Ventriloquy I had practically no material available to study, you now have the opportunity to draw on my videos and the information I have put in my book, which is called "How do the Ventriloquist ”and that you find on Amazon. Also in the section of my site called "the ventriloquist's academy" you will find a lot of free and non-free resources to learn how to move in the world of ventriloquy.

The ventriloquist in Italy, V / S The ventriloquist in the rest of the world

In the rest of the world it is much easier than in Italy to come across the spectacle of a ventriloquist. Especially in countries like the United States, Canada, but also in Europe itself, there are much more ventriloquists than in our country. There are few ventriloquists in Italy, very few indeed, either due to the difficulty of the language, very round and full of doubles, or due to the lack of prominent television characters in addition to the legendary Moreno i (remember the crow RockFeller?). Perhaps it is television that has not helped this discipline to conquer the space it deserves. Who knows that now that classic television is slowly disappearing, replaced by less generic but more “niche” tools, we can't hear more often about ventriloquists?

If you want to know more?

Follow my tutorials on the world of the ventriloquist! On YuouTube, on Instagram, on Tiktok, I produce videos daily to try to make the art of ventriloquy known in Italy.


Based in - Foligno e Spello (PG)